Tools & Evidence

Implementation Tools

As a part of the Systems Improvement through Service Collaboratives’ commitment to knowledge transfer, the Implementation Tools page includes links to the tools that have supported evidence-informed implementation of the Service Collaboratives. These tools have guided Service Collaborative planning, decision-making, implementation, and evaluation. They are organized according to the Systems Improvement through Service Collaboratives guiding implementation framework, adopted from the National Implementation Research Network (NIRN). They can be practically applied to other agency, community, or system initiatives.



Systems Improvement through Service Collaboratives uses evidence to inform decision-making throughout the implementation process. The Service Collaboratives recognize that there are multiple forms of knowledge that taken together form “evidence” and that the use of evidence must take into account local contexts. Our view of evidence includes:

  • Research
  • Professional expertise
  • The lived experience of people and families
  • Culture and traditional knowledge

Based on this definition, this page includes links to summaries of evidence used to inform Service Collaborative decision-making, and evidence that has emerged through the intervention selection and implementation processes. These summaries are meant to be a brief introduction to community partners and key stakeholders who are engaged in similar work.

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