System Gap

The Collaborative has identified a lack of system understanding among both service providers and service users and a need for improved community capacity to respond to youth with concurrent disorders mental health concerns and addictions).


The Windsor-Essex Service Collaborative will select an intervention to address the needs of youth with concurrent disorders. The Service Collaborative is engaging in system mapping to enhance their knowledge of the system and support identification of key system issues. The intervention will be selected using tools such as the Selection Criteria and Prioritization Tool and the Hexagon Tool.

Local Evaluation Plan

Once the intervention is selected, the Evaluation Plan will be developed by Service Collaborative members in collaboration with the Regional Evaluation Coordinator. This will occur during the Installation Phase. A logic model will be developed that links the intervention components to the indicators that will be used to assess the intervention’s impact.


Exploration - in progress Installation Initial Implementation Full Implementation

For more information, please contact:

Beth Powell, Regional Implementation Coordinator
519-858-5158 ext. 20082