System Gap

The Scarborough-East York Service Collaborative is focusing on providing youth and families with timely and accessible mental health and addiction services and supports before they reach crisis. The Service Collaborative examined system gaps along various transition points experienced by children and youth to arrive at this gap, including transitions between hospitals and communities, mental health and justice systems, mental health and education, youth and adult services, and initial access to mental health and addictions services.


The Service Collaborative will be developing a walk-in service for youth with mental health and substance use problems.
Consultations with children, youth and families, and service providers in Scarborough and East York helped identify a number of components that would be key to the intervention. They are:
• Culturally appropriate supports
• Warm welcome
• Landscape of supports
• Interim services
• De-stigmatizing mental health and addiction services
• Neighbourhood based
• Warm transfers to broader supports
Combined with a review of existing literature and current practices, these consultations helped inform the selection of the Scarborough-East York Service Collaborative intervention.

Local Evaluation Plan

The Local Evaluation Plan will be finalized during the installation stage.


Exploration - in progress Installation Initial Implementation Full Implementation

For more information, please contact:

Chantal Fougere, Regional Implementation Coordinator
416- 535-8501 ext. 34325